Sonic Dash Mod Apk Game For Android (All Characters Unlocked)

Sonic dash mod apk the Hedgehog is back, and this time, you’ll find yourself having an endless amount of fun with him. Discover whole new gameplay in Sonic Dash as it participates in challenges that will take players into maps from all around.

Guide your Sonic through multiple obstacles by using his super speedy feet, and you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for yourself. Collect golds while running the course to gain enough rings to let you buy what’s needed.

More About Sonic Dash Mod Apk

App NameSonic Dash
Mod InfoUnlimited Rings


Whole New Journey

Sonic is a fast-paced and challenging platformer that will have you on your toes as it’s almost impossible to die! With simple controls, anyone can play this game. Plus, with multiple obstacles & enemies in each level making things even more interesting – what could go wrong. Moreover, Players will also join hedgehog and try to block the schemes from Doctor Eggman.

You are in an endless running game where the challenges will increase. All you can do is run and unleash your potential as a dash toward enemies with every obstacle knocked off from behind.

Famous Characters

Join the most famous characters in Sonic Dash mod apk as you race against other runners to see who can get furthest. You’ll be able to access classic sidekicks like Tails, Shadows, and Knuckles – but there are even more surprises waiting for fans! With crazy levels filled with obstacles that will test your skills both on foot or by taking control of custom vehicles such as planes which allow players greater mobility while offering an extra means towards victory if they choose so(+ More).

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Unlock Amazing Abilities

The game is all about running, jumping, and collecting coins while avoiding obstacles in this fun free-to-play platformer. You can also interact with your enemies by touching them to punch or kick.

The characters’ abilities are unique, and you can use them to your advantage. It would help if you used these moves to avoid disadvantages against enemies, like Sonic’s signature Dash move or Mario Broth’s surrogates’ jump ability for higher platforming stages.

Epic Bosses

 The game’s bosses are some of the most dangerous beings, but you have terrific agility and speed to take them on! Meet Doctor Eggman (who reminds me a lot like my most minor favorite character from another video game), a deadly combination that will try everything they can do so that he doesn’t get killed first. Use these two foes’ epic powers for yourself by using Sonics Dash skills such as running fast or making vertical leaps; if those don’t work out, always keep an eye out because there might be more minions around waiting patiently until someone weaker than themselves gets close enough.

Incredible Power-Ups

With the incredible power-ups, like ring magnets and shields that are only available in this game to help you with your running challenges, collecting them along the way or using one of our boosters will give an instant score update.

Unlock Rewards

As you play more and get farther in the game, there are always new rewards to collect. You can also earn buffs for your character from completing unique missions or doing daily challenges, which will help on any journey that they may take! The best part about this? It’s simple – tap where it says “collected!” There are so many things available when playing Sonic Dash mod apk; I’m sure we’ve all seen one of them before but wait, did someone say free coins.

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Connect the Game to Social Accounts

The game features many additional contents that you can unlock by connecting your social account to the platform. For example, with Facebook linked in this way, it will allow players playing under one roof to take a competitive look at their records while competing against friends on leaderboards set up specifically just for these types of challenges or mini-games as they’re sometimes known.

With so many obstacles on the way, you’ll have to be fast and agile if you want to succeed in this game. But don’t worry- there are also exciting leaderboards where players can compete against each other for top honors as Sonic runners.

Connecting your social account to the game will allow you complete access and storage for all previous progress. Even if there are any data losses, you can restore them quickly by simply logging in with Facebook or Google+ once more.

Enjoy Unlimited Money

Fortunately, we know just what you need and have created our own modified version of the game. This means that while it still includes ads to help fund development and in-app purchases for those who want more advantages or coins without spending real money on them, they’re replaced with something else.

Enjoy the game for free with these unlimited purchases and an ad-free experience. Just download our Sonic Dash Mod APK to start playing now. You can also observe similar features and enjoyment in Subway Surfers Mod Apk, Payback 2 Mod Apk and Jetpack Joyride Mod Apk


Iconic free-to-run gaming with stunning 3D graphics and 60 fps smoothness will be completely hooked. You won’t find another title like it because of how good this looks.


The game’s sound effects and relaxing soundtrack will make you feel like you are in a video arcade.

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How to Download and Install Sonic Dash Apk?

  • Click the download button, and your apk file will be automatically downloaded.
  • After downloading the apk file, open it on your phone and follow these steps to complete the installation.
  • The easiest way to avoid this problem is by going into your phone’s settings and ensuring that unknown resources are not allowed.


The Sonic Dash Mod Apk is a must-have for all gamers who want to enjoy their favorite game without paying any fees. This app offers you access to its principal functions and gear that can be unlocked after purchase, giving users an edge in competitive games! With our help if needed or questions regarding setup, feel free to contact us any time since we’re always here waiting on players like yourself wanting nothing more than what’s best suited just for them.


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